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Manage courses, teachers, students
and content simply and effectively

Wormhole LMS

Online learning has
never been this easy

You can try it 15 days for free, no credit card required, no commitment only 1 minute to sign up.


Course and career store


Selling courses and careers is much easiear now. Publish in the catalog and collect using online payment methods.

Course Contents

Upload all your existing content with support for a huge variety of formats.


Teachers can evaluate students by creating exams and later reviewing them in detail.


Virtual room

Students can take classes in real-time using live audio and video.

Collaborative whiteboard

Teachers and students can share images, videos and documents on the virtual whiteboard.


Classes in the virtual room can be recorded to keep as records or for reviewing later.



Use the logo, messages and color scheme of your organization.


The platform will adapt to your language, no translation is needed.


Courses can be calendarized or self-paced, whichever suits your needs best.


Careers and certificates

Courses can be grouped into careers, and customized certificates can be generated automatically.

Activity reports

All activity on the platform is recorded and reports can be downloaded as PDF files or Excel spreadsheets.

Shared desktop

Teachers can share the content of their screen with all students, directly into the virtual room.


100% web-based

Neither teachers nor students have to install any software on their computers.

Cost effective

No need to invest in new infrastructure. We take care of everything.

Low requirements

You don’t need state-of-the-art hardware. Works great on PC or Mac.

Their online training is done with Wormhole LMS
Online training using virtual classrooms helps gain flexibility while saving time and money
Meet all the features of Wormhole LMS

Concurrent courses 10
You can have up to 10 simultaneous courses per month. You can manage these courses to fit your needs.
Teachers 10
You can manage up to 10 active teachers per month for your courses. These can be distributed as you like.
Students 250
Up to 250 students are allowed simultaneusly per month, which you assign to the courses as you need.
Document Storage 500mb
Each course has up to 500MB of storage to save documents, recordings and video classes.
General Administrators 1
Your suscribtion allows one General Admin who is responsable to create and manage modules, add course material and students.
People in the virtual room 25
Each virtual room, for each one of your courses, allows up to 25 students and one teacher.
Technical support
Administrators receive 24/7 tech support through mail, and by phone during office hours.
This suscription allows a basic level of customization, where you can change the logo, colors and banner of the virtual room.
Store NEW!
You can make courses and careers available for students to easily purchase online.
No credit card required,
and no limits.

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